"How does a user sign up for RainedOut?"

In order to sign up for text messages from RainedOut you will need to click the link on the field status box which says ’sign up for text message alerts!’.  On the following page you will be required to enter the phone #, e-mail address, and agree to the terms of service for signing up.  You will also have the option of selecting any/all of the fields in the section below.  After signing up you will receive a confirmation text message to that number, respond as it prompts you in order to complete the sign-up process.  Each number has to be entered individually as there is no import function at this time.

If, at any time, you no longer wish to be opted into receiving these text messages you can opt out.  Simply reply "STOP" to one of the messages and all field closure texts will stop.

Having trouble receiving or signing up for RainedOut text messages?
If you are having trouble with a particular phone number receiving RainedOut texts we will need the following information to troubleshoot:
  • The cell phone number and e-mail address used to sign up with it.
  • When they signed up originally
  • Did they receive a confirmation text message.
  • Did they respond to the confirmation text message.
  • Did they receive a welcome message after responding.
  • What fields were signed up for and did you close any of the one’s they signed up for recently.
  • Does the cell phone in question have a text messaging plan?
If they never received the confirmation they need to contact their cell phone provider because sometimes short code sms messages are blocked.