LSC Fall 2019 Intown Program

Parents, Players, Coaches -  we'd like to hear from you about 2019 Fall Season: 

what you and your kids like/dislike about this season; 

any questions, comments;

there are evaluation forms for coaches and referees in Coaches Corner;

Just send it to

We offer various other programs now, if your kids would like to play better soccer 

Coaches, thanks for volunteering - there is no Fall Season without you


LSC's Intown program is all about sportsmanship, making friends, getting some exercise and learning a bit about soccer along the way.


Eligible Players

  • Any boy or girl who will be in 1st grade thru 12th grade this Fall can play. We welcome children of any skill level.  Livingston residents only.
  • If your child will play travel soccer (LSC or any other program) in the Fall, they are not eligible to play Intown soccer.


  • Format:
    • 1st Grade will play in a festival-style 4v4 or 5v5 format to encourage more meaningful touches on the ball and a better understanding of soccer fundamentals at a young age.  This mimics our Travel program.  More details will be sent in the weeks to come.  Please e-mail with any questions, comments or concerns.
    • 2nd Grade will play a nine-game season.
    • 3rd Grade and older will play an eight-game season.  These teams will also participate in our season-ending Carpini Cup tournament.  Weather permitting, every team plays two games on Friday night/Saturday and our top finishers return on Sunday to compete for the championship.
  • ​Schedule (Our season will be played on the following dates):
    • ​September 7/8 (This will be a split weekend.  You may have a game on Saturday, Sunday or no game at all.)
    • September 14/15
    • September 21/22
    • September 28/29 (All games will be complete by 4:00 PM on 9/29 due to Rosh Hashanah.)
    • October 5/6
    • October 12/13 (Most teams will play on Saturday and Sunday.)
    • October 19/20
    • October 25 - 27 (Carpini Weekend)
    • November 2 - 4 (Carpini Weekend Make-Up)
    • ​Teams may have a weeknight game as part of their schedule.  Please note these dates are tentative, subject to change, and may be the Saturday and/or Sunday of that weekend.

Team Formation

  • We form teams of as even strength as possible at each grade level.
  • Each year, we will determine if any age groups need to be combined based on numbers.
  • For HS Co-Ed, we combine boys and girls together from 10th thru 12th grade.  9th graders have the option to play in the 7/9th Grade division or in the HS Co-Ed program.


  • Teams are coached by volunteer parents.  Coaches usually hold practice one day per week after school.
  • If you are interested in coaching, please note that in your registration.  You may join as groups of up to three coaches.


  • The program costs $83 per child plus a $12 field usage fee charged by the Township of Livingston.
  • We charge a late fee of $50 per family for those who register after May 31.
    • If you register late we cannot guarantee there will be a spot available for your child.

Friend Requests

  • For 1st Grade, we will honor one mutual friend request.
  • For HS Co-Ed Girls, we will honor up to four friend requests.
  • As we stated above, parents can ask to coach together and of course they will have their kids on their teams.
    • For 1st Grade - the coaching requests counts as the mutual friend request.


  • We automatically put siblings in the same age group together, unless you ask us not to do so.  If you register late, we cannot make any guarantees.


  • We provide each child with a full uniform (shirt, shorts an socks) to keep.
  • We suggest you get your child soccer shoes - although sneakers are allowed.  No baseball or lacrosse cleats.
  • Shin guards are mandatory.
  • Each child should bring their own ball to practice.


  • No Jewelry Allowed!  For safety reasons, no jewelry can be worn during practice or games.  Taping over earrnings is not allowed.