Registration for Fall Intown Soccer Is Now Open!!!

Registration for Fall Intown Soccer Is Now Open!!!

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we announce that registration is now open for our Fall 2018 Intown Soccer season - including our HS Co-ed program.

Livingston Soccer's intown program is all about sportsmanship, making friends, getting some exercise and learning a bit about soccer along the way.

Who Can Play? - Any boy or girl who will be in 1st grade thru 12th grade this Fall can play. We welcome children of any skill level.  Livingston residents only.

If your child will play travel soccer (LSC or any other program) in the Fall, then they are not eligible to play in-town soccer!

How Does The Program Work?  We form teams of as even strength as possible at each grade level.  Teams will play an eight game season starting in early September. (1st and 2nd graders have 9 games)  Most games are on Saturdays - some on Sundays.

HS Co-ed is mostly on Sundays - with some Saturdays.

Last year we had enough kids to have separate 1st grade boys, 1st grade girls, 2nd grade boys, 2nd grade girls, 3rd grade boys and 4th grade boys divisions.  We combined 3/4th grade girls, 5/6th grade boys, 5/6th grade girls, 7/9 th grade boys and 7/9th grade girls.  We'll determine which grade levels to combine once we see how many kids register.   

For HS Co-ed we combine boys and girls together from 10th thru 12th grade. 9th grade girls have the option to play in the girls-only 7/9th grade division or in the HS Co-ed program.  9th grade boys must play in the boys-only 7/9th grade division. 

Each team from 3rd grade and up will participate in our season-ending Carpini Cup tournament. Every team plays two games on Saturday and our top finishers return on Sunday to compete for the championship.

Teams are coached by volunteer parents.  Coaches usually hold practice one day per week after school.

What Does It Cost?  The program costs $83 per child plus an $12 field usage fee charged by the Township of Livingston.  We charge a late fee of $50 per family for those who register after May 13.  Also, if you register late we can't guarantee there will be a spot available for your child.

Coaching?  Yes - our teams are coached by volunteer parents.  Please step up to be a head coach or an assistant coach.  It is a very rewarding experience.  Parents can join as groups of up to 3 coaches.

Friend Requests?   For 1st grade only we will honor one mutual friend request. No requests above first grade.  As we stated above, parents can ask to coach together and of course they will have their kids on their teams.  For first grade - the coaching requests counts as the mutual friend request.

For HS Co-ed, girls can join in group of up to 4.  The girls can not request boys and boys can make no friend requests.

Siblings?  We automatically put siblings in the same age group together, unless you ask us not to do so.

What Equipment Do You Need?  Not much!  We provide each child with a full uniform (shirt, shorts an socks) to keep.  We suggest you get your child soccer shoes - although sneakers are allowed.  Shin guards are mandatory. Each child should bring their own ball to practice.

No Jewelry Allowed: For safety reasons, no jewelry can be worn during practice or games. Taping over earrnings is not allowed.


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